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"I Love You" Around The World

To Submit a Quote: If you would like to add a favorite quotation to our library of quotations, send email to Sentiments.

For every language, there is a way to say "I Love You." To help you find just the right message to send with your International order, we have included a comprehensive list of translations of "I Love You."


Language Translation
Navaho Ayor anosh'ni
Ndebele Niyakutanda
Norwegian Eg elskar deg (Nynorsk)
Norwegian Jeg elsker deg (Bokmaal)


Language Translation
Osetian Aez dae warzyn


Language Translation
Pakistani Mujhe Tumse Muhabbat Hai
Persian Tora dost daram
Polish Kocham Cie
Polish Ja cie kocham
Polish Yacha kocham
Polish Kocham Ciebie
Portuguese Amo-te
Portuguese (Brazilian) Eu te amo
Punjabi Mai taunu pyar karda
Punjabi Main Tainu Pyar Karna


Language Translation
Quenya Tye-mela'ne
Romanian Te iu besc
Romanian Te Ador
Russian Ya vas liubliu
Russian Ya tebya liubliu
Russian Ya polubeel tebya
Russian (Malincaya) Ya Tibieh Lublue


Language Translation


Language Translation
Scot Gaelic Tha gra / dh agam ort
Serbian ljubim te
Serbocroatian Volim te
Serbocroatian Ljubim te
Shona Ndinokuda
Sinhalese Mama oyata adarei
Sioux Techihhila
Slovak lubim ta
Slovene ljubim te
Spanish Te quiero
Spanish Te amo
Srilankan Mama Oyata Arderyi
Swahili Naku penda (followed by the person's name)
Swedish Jag älskar dig
Swiss-German Ch'ha di gärn
Syrian/Lebanese Bhebbek (to a female)
Syrian/Lebanese Bhebbak (to a male)
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